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Holyoke Trainees 2009

Co-op Power Green Job Training is a 21 week program to prepare participants to work as entry level assistants to a solar hot water installation crew or weatherization crew. It can also be used as an sustainable energy introduction for students who are interested in other related careers.

We also propose some short courses that are two days a week for 6 weeks:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Basic Trade Skills

These courses are ideally combined with on the job experience for the remainder of each week. These courses will be most effective for trainees with previous work experience since much less time is available for remedial work and soft skills.

It is written for out-of-school youth in high school equivalency, literacy, and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programs.

The lessons center around participatory hands-on activities and encourage students to integrate technical training in renewable energy and energy efficiency with a broad understanding of climate change, peak oil, environmental justice, green jobs, and economic challenges in the US today.

We recommend the book "Cut Your Energy Bills Now" (Bruce Harley, 2008, Taunton Press, Newtown CT) as an accompaniment to this program for trainees reading at a secondary school level or beyond.

This curriculum is being developed by Scott Reed and Lynn Benander from Co-op Power in collaboration with community organizations in Holyoke and Turners Falls MA. We welcome collaborators! This curriculum is offered as a free resource so that we all don't have to reinvent the wheel. Please send your feedback and any lesson materials you'd like to contribute to Lynn at her email address below. Thanks!

To view a lesson, select the unit below and then select the lessons listed on the unit page.

In cooperation,

Scott Reed and Lynn Benander, Co-op Power
877-266-7543      Lynn's email


1.   Warm Ups  (3 hours)
2.   The Science of Energy  (12 hours)
3.   Energy Challenges and Opportunities  (4 hours)
4.   Measurements  (9 hours)
5.   General Tools, Equipment, and Materials  (25 hours)
6.   Basic Building Construction  (5 hours)
7.   Energy Efficiency Guide  (24 hours)
8.   On-the-Job Training  (104 hours)
9.   Plumbing Tools, Equipment, and Materials  (7 hours)
10.   Assembling and Operating a Demo Solar Hot Water System  (22 hours)
11.   Solar Hot Water Installation Guide  (29 hours)
12.   Getting to Work  (5 hours)
13.   People and Personal Skills  (26 hours)

Lesson Plans

Top level learning objectives (Co-op Power)

(See fully expanded Co-op Power learning objectives)

Other learning objectives