General Tools, Equipment, and Materials

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Course Co-op Power Green Job Training Order 5
Unit General Tools, Equipment, and Materials
Authors Lynn Benander and Scott Reed, Co-op Power Inc.
Lesson Plans
Working Safe  (2 hr, wk 2)
Diagrams  (2 hr, wk 4)
Cutting and Drilling  (5 hr, wk 4)
Attaching  (5 hr, wk 4)
Installing Roof Vents  (2 hr, wk 4)
Miscellaneous Tools and Equipment  (2 hr, wk 5)
Getting Up and Down  (3 hr, wk 5)
Energy Efficiency Tools and Equipment  (2 hr, wk 6)

Start Date 1 January 2011 End Date 29 January 2011 Total hours 25 hours

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, a student will be able to:

Basic Construction Trades Knowledge and Skills

Basic Job Skills

General Skills and Knowledge

Unit Overview

Background Reading and Bibliography

  1. Safety Equipment (Hard hat, safety glasses, face mask, ear plugs, respirator, ropes and harness - basic knots: bowline, prussic; attachment devices)
  2. Measurements
    Distance: tape measure
    Angles: protractor, angle finders, plumb bob, level, right triangles, ruler and square, ruler/tape measure/string
    Solar south: magnetic compass, shadow stick
    Solar Pathways: solar pathfinder
    Temperature: thermometers (liquid, electronic probe, infrared)
    Air infiltration: blower door testing unit
    Heat loss: infrared camera
  3. Cutting and Drilling
    Power drill
    Router and Multipurpose Finish Tool
  4. Attaching
    Power wrench
    Power screw driver
    Caulking Gun
  5. Weatherizing
    insulation blower and remover
    pneumatic caulking gun
    Foam Gun
  6. Miscellaneous General Tools, Equipment, and Materials/Measurement
    Hand trucks and dollies
    Industrial Vac (noise, sparks)
    Power cords (3-prong plugs, amp ratings, stepping on cords) and batteries (charging, discharging)
  7. Getting Up and Down
    Roof jacks, scaffolding, and jack poles
    Lifts and cranes