Learning Objectives (Mass. Vocational Technical Education Frameworks)

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Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Frameworks (Current Curriculum Frameworks - Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education )

  • Standardized (MVTECF)
  • Carpentry (08/2007) (MVTECF-CARP)
  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration (08/2007) (MVTECF-HVACR)
  • Plumbing (08/2007) (MVTECF-PLUMB)

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Eduation
(see also: Long list of MVTECF objectives)

MVTECF 1.A Define health and safety regulations.

MVTECF 1.B Demonstrate health and safety practices.

MVTECF 1.C Demonstrate responses to situations that threaten health and safety.

MVTECF 2.A Read and interpret prints.

MVTECF 3.A English Language Arts

MVTECF 3.B Mathematics

MVTECF 3.C Science and Engineering/Technology

MVTECF 4.A Develop employability skills to secure and keep employment in chosen field.

MVTECF 4.B Communicate in multiple modes to address needs within the career and technical field.

MVTECF 4.C Solve problems using critical thinking.

MVTECF 5.A Analyze basic business practices required to start and run a company/organization.

MVTECF 5.B Manage all resources related to a business/organization.

MVTECF 5.C Describe methods for managing, organizing, retrieving and reporting financial data.

MVTECF 5.D Apply labor and civil rights law and guidelines to business practice and decisions.

MVTECF 5.E Evaluate the effects of community relations on companies and the industry.

MVTECF 5.F Apply legal requirements and ethical considerations to business practice and decisions.

MVTECF 6.A Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and applications as well as an understanding of concepts underlying hardware, software, and connectivity.

MVTECF 6.B Demonstrate responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media.

MVTECF 6.C Demonstrate ability to use technology for research, problem solving, and communication.

MVTECF-CARP 2.B Demonstrate the fundamentals of carpentry.

MVTECF-CARP 2.C Use hand tools.

MVTECF-CARP 2.D Operate power tools.

MVTECF-CARP 2.E Use and maintain ladders and scaffolds.

MVTECF-CARP 2.I Finish the exterior

MVTECF-CARP 2.J Finish the interior

MVTECF-HVACR 2.E Identify and install piping, fittings, and materials.

MVTECF-HVACR 2.C Apply the principles of electricity.

MVTECF-HVACR 2.D Install electrical controls and systems.

MVTECF-PLUMB 2.C Measure, cut, and join steel pipe and fittings.

MVTECF-PLUMB 2.D Measure, cut, and join copper pipe and fittings.

MVTECF-PLUMB 2.F Measure, cut, and join plastic pipe and fittings.

MVTECF-PLUMB 2.G Identify features of and regulations relating to water supplies.

MVTECF-PLUMB 2.L Service a plumbing system.