Learning Objectives (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

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Extracted from:
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
Technical Committee Document, Approved April 11, 2005
Objectives and Task Analysis for Solar Water and Pool Heating Systems Installation Contractor

Prerequisites: Each student will be expected to have basic plumbing, electrical and roofing skills. (Specifically, knowledge of basic plumbing tasks such as soldering pipe joints, gluing pipe joints, sealing fittings, testing for plumbing leaks, etc. In regards to electrical, the installer should be familiar with basic electrical concepts and terms and with the operation of a multimeter. Also included is the ability to connect wiring, create weather sealed connections, etc. Regarding roofing knowledge, the installer should be familiar with basic roof materials, terminologies as well as flashing and sealing methods.)

Primary Objective for Solar System Installation Contractor
Given basic instructions, manufacturer installation manual, major components specifications, schematics and drawings, the installer is required to install a solar water heating system that meet the performance and reliability needs of the customer, incorporates quality craftsmanship, and complies with all applicable codes and standards by:

NABCEP 01. Working Safely With Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating Systems

NABCEP 02. Identifying Systems and Their Components

NABCEP 03. Adapting a System Design

NABCEP 04. Conducting a Site Assessment

NABCEP 05. Installing Solar Collectors

NABCEP 06. Installing Water Heater and Storage Tanks

NABCEP 07.Installing Piping, Pipe Insulation and Connecting System Piping

NABCEP 08. Installing Mechanical/Plumbing Equipment and Other Components

NABCEP 09. Installing Electrical Control Systems

NABCEP 10. Installing Operation and Identification Tags and Labels

NABCEP 11. Performing a System Checkout

NABCEP 12. Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Solar Thermal System