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To create a new lesson plan

  1. Copy the text from the box below and paste it into a new page.
  2. Fill in the 'order', 'unit', 'start', 'duration' and 'weeks'. That will create a table at the top of the page. See Attaching
    • 'start' is the week (1-26) of training we expect to start this lesson.
    • 'duration' is the actual number of classroom hours we expect this lesson to require.
    • 'weeks' is the number of weeks we expect this lesson to be spread over.
  3. Replace {{CPAUTHORS}} with your own name. {{CPAUTHORS}} displays the Co-op Power authors (L. Benander and S. Reed)
  4. Edit each of the sections to specify the details of the plan.

==Learning Goals==

==Learning Activities==

Numbered list:
#first item
#second item
#third item

Bulletted list:
*first item
*second item
*third item

Attach a PDF file (handouts, quizzes, etc):<br>
Do not include the .pdf file extension. It will be added for you.

Add lesson materials:

Add lesson equipment:

==Assessment and Evaluation==

==Materials and Equipment==

==Extension Activities==

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