People and Personal Skills

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Course Co-op Power Green Job Training Order 13
Unit People and Personal Skills
Authors Lynn Benander and Scott Reed, Co-op Power Inc.
Lesson Plans
Health and Safety (OSHA Introduction)  (1 hr, wk 3)
What's Fair?  (1 hr, wk 4)
Lead Safe  (8 hr, wk 4)
OSHA 10  (10 hr, wk 16)
Transitions  (6 hr, wk 18)

Start Date 25 December 2010 End Date 7 May 2011 Total hours 26 hours

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, a student will be able to:

Basic Construction Trades Knowledge and Skills

Basic Energy Information

Basic Job Skills

Unit Overview

People and Personal Skills

  1. Work Habits
    1. Workplace safety - keeping yourself, your crew mates, and other people safe
      1. Use of tools and equipment (practice proper use, use appropriate safety equipment, secure ladders
      2. Work site guidelines (keep floor clear, keep things from falling, stay clear of electrical lines (indoors and out), pay attention, absolutely no fooling around)
    2. Attention and thinking ahead (understand the general plan for a job, track the job’s progress, notice as plan details are determined, notice when the plan changes, anticipate needs of other crew members)
    3. When to ask questions (Whenever you're not sure, when you don't know something or haven't done something before, when you're asked to do something that you don't think will work, when things change)
    4. Problem solving (defining the problem, criteria for choosing a solution, brainstorming solutions with some creativity, choosing a solution, implementing your solution, checking to see if it worked)
    5. Dealing with boredom
    6. Relating to customers (how to behave in someone else’s home, how to answer questions,
  2. Power dynamics (relationships with your boss, co-workers; handling disagreements with your boss or your co-worker; team building)
  3. Know your limits (acknowledging your fears- heights, small spaces, insects/animals; health concerns - asthma and other respiratory illness, allergies, back issues, heart condition; work and personal obligation scheduling
  4. What you believe

Background Reading and Bibliography