Printing out pages

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Some pages, especially the main page, have links and such that don't make sense on the printed page. Some of these can be hidden by setting Template:MODE to 'publish' and setting Template:ISPRINTING to 'YES'.

When done, set Template:ISPRINTING to 'NO'. If still developing set Template:MODE to 'develop' but if done developing, leave Template:MODE set to 'publish'.

One quick way to print out a page:

  1. go to the page
  2. press alt-shift-p [displays a printable version of the page without stuff at top and sides]
  3. press ctrl-p [displays print dialog]
    1. select printer (if necessary)
    2. configure printer (if necessary)
    3. select OK
  4. select backspace [same as "back" button, takes you back to normal version of the page]